Damián Carmona (Spain)

Phone: (305) 600-1777

Damián Carmona is a graduate of the University of Granada Law School in Granada, Spain (2002). He also received his LLM (Master of Law) degree from the prestigious Garrigues Study Center in Spain, specializing in Corporate and Business Law, in 2004.

He is a practicing member of the Barcelona Bar (ICAB 32228) and handles cases throughout the country of Spain.

Mr. Carmona is founder and managing partner of the law firm Carbray Abogados. He has extensive experience in providing legal and tax advice to companies in a variety of areas relating to business law, both in Spain and abroad.

Attorney Carmona and his firm specializes in Corporate and Business Law, Tax Law, Intellectual Property and new developing Technologies, litigation in both criminal and a variety of civil cases as well as arbitration. Mr. Carmona and members of his firm speak English, French and Italian, in addition to Spanish and Catalan.

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