Bank Fraud and Embezzlement

Bank Fraud and Embezzlement refers to federal violations of law relating to fraudulent banking activities which are illegal. The most important statute under federal law which is enforced resulting in prosecutions on a regular basis relate to theft of money from banks by employees known as embezzlement. There are variety of schemes which are punished by federal law relating to employee theft from financial institutions. Federal bank embezzlement law has very severe penalties for violations of this statute. Most bank employees do not realize the seriousness of such activity and often receive lengthy sentences when prosecuted in federal court for this violation.

Also, other charges are normally added to bank embezzlement or fraud violations such as money laundering, conspiracy and tax evasion. Federal prosecutors often charge defendants in these types of cases who are employees at banks with multiple charges to ensure cooperation with authorities. It is important if you are an employee at a bank and have been charged with bank embezzlement that you contact an experienced federal criminal defense attorney. If you decide to retain the services of our firm, we will strive to represent your interests knowlegeably and aggressively within the bounds of the law and do our very best to obtain a resolution of your case which is in your best interests and with your complete understanding of the results affecting you, the client.  If an accused tries to negotiate a federal case with prosecutors it is very possible that he/she will end up with a lengthy prison sentence. In bank embezzlement cases, prosecutors often also add charges for disclosure of information of account holders if a person is charged with a violation of stealing money from the bank using information obtained from any account on record at the financial institution.

Another aspect of the bank fraud statutes relates to defrauding a banking or financial institution by over estimating the value of real estate by conspiring with a property appraiser. You may be charged with a series of violations relating to federal law including bank fraud, conspiracy, tax fraud, money laundering and making false statements in order to obtain a loan. Under the bank fraud statute alone, if convicted you could receive a sentence up to 30 years in prison. It is important that you contact our office immediately or another attorney of your choice if you are interviewed by the FBI relating to bank fraud matters. Our goal will be to represent your interests aggressively seeking to have the charges dismissed against you or negotiating on your behalf a plea bargain which may substantially reduce the number of charges against you and or the sentence you are facing. The same laws and stiff sentences are applied in cases relating to bank fraud by excessive evaluation of security instruments such as stocks or bonds.

Securing loans for businesses that don’t exist or falsifying the documentation relating thereto is also a violation of federal law relating to bank fraud.  This violation is also punishable with the same serious penalties applying in those cases if you are convicted of the charges. Once again, prosecutors will stack the charges against you and it is important that you have an attorney to guide you through this complex process of defending your case. If you decide to retain our firm we can meet with you anytime to discuss your case if you believe you may be indicted or charged with Bank Fraud, False Statements or Bank Theft or Embezzlement. Feel free to call our toll free number (800)516-0005 and receive a consultation regarding your case.

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